Urban Airship and Tapulous Partner on Tap Tap Revenge to Deliver iPhone Push Notifications

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership to deliver push notification services to Tapulous for their “Tap Tap Revenge” application released on Monday morning.

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to build our push notification and In App Purchase integration services. After the announcement that iPhone 3.0 would hit on 6/17/09 we worked closely with Tapulous to integrate our services. “Tap Tap Revenge” now uses push notification to send “challenges” to other players.

“Implementing a Push provider, per Apple’s spec, seemed like it might be a little tricky, even with our existing server infrastructure. Plus, we needed to be sure that we’ll scale,” said Jessica Kahn, Director of Engineering at Tapulous. “Urban Airship was the right solution for us. On our own, it might have taken weeks to do a good job of implementing the provider portion of Push support. Instead, it took a few hours to integrate our product with theirs.”

After they submitted their application to the iTunes app store we figured it would be released today (6/17/09) along with the iPhone 3.0 release. We were a little surprised when we started to see push notifications (many thousands in fact) flying through our infrastructure early Monday morning. Apple had released the app a little early and we were ready. Thanks Apple for getting it through the release cycle so fast!

We’re working with strategic partners right now so if you’re a publisher of multiple applications and want to get up and running with push notifications or In App Purchase quickly, please contact us. We’ll be doing a general release for independent developers later this month. Keep an eye on our blog for updates.