Your Inspiration Guide to Interactive Notifications

Before the world adopts the latest iPhone 6 hardware or straps on an Apple Watch, most of the 200 million people who currently own an iPhone 5, 5S or 5C will update their operating system.

Apple’s iOS 8, although overshadowed by hardware during yesterday’s slate of big announcements, will prove to be a game-changer for marketers as brands get ever closer to consumers. To illustrate the possibilities coming with Interactive Notifications in iOS 8, Urban Airship’s marketers, engineers and digital strategists put our heads together and consulted with dozens of clients to develop more than twenty use cases in a handful of industries in this guide.

Now, customers won’t just react to push messages. They’ll interact. With interactive push notifications, customers will have multiple options to respond with simple button taps:

  • Share
  • Shop Now
  • Download
  • Check In
  • Accept

Or, if the customer’s not interested:

  • Dismiss
  • No Thanks
  • Decline

But what about the gray space? Some customers might be interested in an offer or piece of content, but maybe the push message caught them in a meeting, at their kid’s soccer game, or in the middle of dinner.

Until now, marketers didn’t have a way to capture an audience response that suggests customers might be interested in the future, but the time isn’t right.

Interactive notifications give customers options for an effortless, more nuanced response. Now customers can say “maybe.” Buttons could include:

  • Remind Me Later
  • Other Deals
  • Save for Later

Appointment reminders and airline check-in push messages are more effective when customers have the option to be reminded later. Media apps are more engaging when customers have the option to follow or unfollow developing stories. And retail apps can run micro-targeted campaigns based on customers’ interests inferred from button taps and subsequent clicks within deep-linked app and mobile web pages.

Urban Airship offers dozens of buttons and button pairs that can be used without requiring developer implementation to reach audiences on iOS 8, Android 4.3+ and Fire OS. All of these “out-of-the-box” buttons can:

  • Open any page in an app or mobile web,
  • Tag audiences based on message responses (such as opened_offer or shared_content)
  • Track actions taken with analytics to understand conversion and ROI

We built this inspiration guide to help you imagine the possibilities with interactive notifications and use them to deliver more relevant and responsive experiences to your audiences. Tell us how you’d like to use these, and ask us more about what’s possible.

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