Mobile Retail Trends Report: Mobile Shopping & Influence During Cyber Week 2016

Power Mobile Growth with Benchmarks & Best Practices From 200 Leading Retailers

The 2016 holiday shopping season has come and gone, leaving us dissecting the results to help retailers drive greater m-commerce. Urban Airship took a look at the app statistics from 200 leading brands across the U.S. and U.K. to discern what the the mobile retail trends tell us and how they can be applied in preparation for holiday 2017.

We explore messaging cadence and content, why targeting is best for results and — critically — the ROI that two organizations saw for their mobile messaging platform spend over the holiday shopping season.

Download the report to take advantage of key learnings on following topics, and more:

  • Mobile messaging volume & timing over the holidays
  • The results of targeted vs. broadcast retail messaging
  • User acquisition activity and results over the critical timeframe
  • U.K. vs. U.S. mobile messaging trends & performance

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