Products That Help You Connect In a Whole New Way

Connectivity is at the heart of this new chapter for mobile. But it’s more than just the ability to engage. It’s also about connecting to mobile users with discernment and insight. That’s what mobile engagement is about, and it’s exciting what we can now do.


Mobile App Engagement: Grow and Retain Your Mobile App Audience

Over 45,000 apps rely on us to deliver mobile moments that matter. With over seven years of development, we’ve engineered the most powerful real-time engagement engine in mobile. Featuring interactive push notifications, in-app messaging and a one-of-a-kind Message Center, we help you deliver relevant mobile experiences that do more than just retain your audience. It will captivate them.

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Mobile Wallet Marketing: Mobilize Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Tickets, Offers and More

Tap into the millions of iOS and Android users who have Apple Wallet and Android Pay on their phones. Urban Airship Reach was designed to make reaching consumers on mobile easier. In minutes, you can create and distribute wallet items such as mobile loyalty cards and coupons. Control notifications from the pass so your customer’s wallet items always stay current. No app required. No lengthy development times. No hassles. It’s that simple.

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Mobile Data Integration: Unlock the Power of Mobile

Connect your entire business to rich mobile insights with the industry's first user-centric mobile data streaming platform. To stay relevant, you either create personal experiences for app users across channels, or become obsolete. With Connect, it takes only a few clicks to stream your customers' latest signals — interests, preferences and intentions — to any system in your organization.

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Mobile Analytics: User-Level Insight to Drive Smarter Actions

Uncover user-level insights about your mobile app audience to power your next engagement campaign on mobile and other channels. Urban Airship Insight combines performance dashboards, funnel reporting and powerful ad-hoc discovery tools to help you understand the "why" behind ROI. Put your newfound insight to use immediately with the ability to export user-level detail on any report.

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Web Notifications

Web Notify: Your Next Growth & Engagement Channel

Send web push notifications to desktop and mobile web. Web push notifications help you deliver relevant, personalized, in-the-moment messaging wherever your users are.

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