Personalize Mobile Wallet Passes Easily — At Scale

Customize every wallet pass you send with any customer data point in your martech stack.

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Our Adaptive Wallet Pass Management Solution

Personalization increases engagement. That’s why we created our Adaptive Wallet Pass Management Solution. Put your data to work to create personalized wallet passes your customers will use and love.

One Link to Rule Them All

Personalizing a mobile wallet pass used to be complicated. Now it’s unbelievably simple with our innovative technology: a super-powered URL we call Adaptive Link™. Everything you need to personalize a pass, embedded right into a URL.

  • Mobile Wallet Automatic Platform Detection Automatic Platform Detection Users get the right pass for their OS in one tap
  • Mobile Wallet Personalization Segmentation Personalization & Segmentation Easily embed instant personalization
  • Mobile Wallet Geo Targeting Push Notification Geo Targeting Right person, right place, right time

What Can Be Personalized?

You can personalize mobile wallet passes with any customer data point in your martech stack with our marketer-friendly Adaptive Link™ or through our enterprise-class APIs.

Google Pay
Urban Airship’s mobile wallet marketing solution makes it easy for merchants to maximize the benefits of Google Pay (formerly Android Pay / Google Wallet). With simplified personalization and engagement, brands can get closer to their customers at the right time and place.
Spencer Spinnell
Director, Business Development, Google

Millennials & Affluent Consumers Want More Mobile Wallet

Our data study shows strong consumer demand — especially from Millennials and consumers with higher household incomes — for personalized, dynamically updated mobile wallet passes.

  • 78% Millennials More Likely to Download a Personalized Wallet Pass more
  • 83% Millennials More Likely to Join Loyalty Programs That Update on Mobile more
  • 73% Affluent Consumers More Likely to Use Coupons When They Receive Expiration Reminders on Mobile more

Marketers Can Update Wallet Passes in Our UI, No Devs Required

Unlimited, real-time updates for wallet passes create big opportunities for marketers to turn mobile wallet into an indispensable customer engagement tool — especially for managing loyalty cards, boarding passes and coupons.

Loyalty Cards

Real-time updates after a transaction let users know where exactly where they stand with loyalty points and perks.

Boarding Passes

Turn boarding passes into a source of reliable, real-time flight information update gate numbers and flight times as they change. Learn more about how airlines are engaging customers with mobile.


Create an “everlasting” coupon: when an offer expires, update it with a new one based on a user’s unique profile and purchase history.

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