1:1 Insight Drives Smarter Action

Learn what makes your users tick — and take action immediately with Urban Airship's mobile analytics solution, Insight.

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Mobile analytics are good, but audience intelligence is better. Better still? Instant action.

Uncover why your mobile app audience is growing or not and create user-level engagement campaigns in minutes. Find new insights about your customers with performance dashboards, conversion reporting and ad-hoc discovery tools that tell you the "why" behind your ROI. Then put your newfound insight to use with instant exports that feed your next engagement campaign on mobile and other customer channels.

With Urban Airship Insight you can:

  • Find likely buyers
  • Identify why users churn
  • Determine if a new welcome series is paying off
  • Identify your users' latest content interests
  • Export a list of users interested in a specific item

With Urban Airship Insight, you’re in the driver’s seat to grow your mobile app audience and business.

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Learn everything there is to know about Urban Airship Insight and how it will allow you to take smarter action.

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Benchmark Performance with Dashboards

Choose your industry-specific dashboard to stay on top of the engagement metrics critical to your business. See how your audience is growing. Benchmark performance with your peers. Measure conversion and identify content trends.

More than Mobile Analytics... Personalized Insight

Surrounded by dozens of reports but still unsure which users are most likely to engage in your next campaign?

Powerful ad-hoc discovery tools allow you to build custom views into your data — SQL experience not required. Take any data point we capture and pivot with other data points and metrics to see what's working and what’s not.

Audience intelligence list created by Insight product
List created by Insight product

Unlimited Exports, Unlimited Action

Take the next step and act, immediately. Once you uncover a customer insight, you can export a list of customer and/or device IDs to power your next marketing campaign. You can even use it to enrich your customer profile data.

Interested in setting up a real-time customer connection? Check out Urban Airship Connect.

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"We spend a lot of time at Breaking News thinking about the speed and relevancy of news in the mobile age, which are values Urban Airship helps us deliver... Urban Airship Insight will help us understand our audience even better, enriching user profiles and guiding editorial desk decisions to ensure people get the content that resonates with them most."

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Cory Bergman
Co-Founder and GM — Breaking News


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Track key performance indicators all in one place.

Benchmarking icon


Compare how your push opt-in performance compares against your peers.

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Identify where your users are falling off in your conversion process.

RFM Analysis icon

RFM Analysis

Find the customer segments most likely to do more business with you.

Cohort analysis icon

Cohort Analysis

Optimize your onboarding messaging and user flows with this powerful tool.

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Ad-Hoc Exploration

Build a custom report with any of the data we collect. Uncover the power trends in your business.

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Actionable Exports

Behind every report are people. Export the results instantly and upload them into Urban Airship or any other marketing system.

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User-Level Data

Don’t settle for aggregate data. Get a 1:1 view of your customers for more personal communication.

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