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User-Level Customer Intelligence Reveals Your High-Value App Users

Discover Which Cohorts Drive Results — and Take Immediate Action
Urban Airship Insight gives you more than traditional mobile analytics — it helps you create incredibly targeted campaigns based on what users are responding to.

Actionable Customer Intelligence

Built for Marketers, Powerful Enough for Data Scientists

  • Launch Retargeting & Lookalike Campaigns Identify your most valuable customers, then export to activate engagement across channels — or find more like them.
  • Optimize Conversions See exactly which tactics are driving engagement & results — then double down.
  • Reveal True ROI — From User Acquisition to Uninstalls Don’t settle for vanity metrics. Get a clear picture of the activities that increase ROI.

Forrester Says Our Analytics Capabilities = 5/5

Read Forrester's first Mobile Engagement Automation Wave™ to understand why enterprises should "put Urban Airship high on consideration lists."

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NEW: Mine the Gold in Your Mobile Analytics

See the attributes, actions and behavioral patterns of highly engaged users at each stage of your customers' lifecycle.
Use the mobile analytics and customer intelligence in Insight to further engage your best customers — or find more like them on other channels with lookalike campaigns.

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lifecycle marketing reports for the mobile engagement loop

Predict & Prevent Mobile App Churn

The best time to prevent churn is before it happens. Our new predictive churn solution assesses churn risk per user, so you can take action — before they’re gone.

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Stream Your Mobile Data in Real Time to Any Channel In Your Stack

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