Seamlessly Integrate SMS Marketing Into Your Digital Strategy

Add text marketing to your mix.

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Take Text Marketing To the Next Level

Make your SMS text messages more targeted, personalized and effective.

Make SMS Work Harder (and Smarter)

Whether SMS is a core component of your strategy, or a critical fallback channel, it can now be integrated and orchestrated with all your digital engagement channels through the Urban Airship platform.

  • Maximum Flexibility Maximum Flexibility Use SMS as a primary or fallback channel to meet your needs.
  • Lower Costs Lower Costs Orchestrate your notification strategy to use SMS when you need it, and other channels when you don’t.
  • Targeting and Analytics Sophisticated Targeting Personalize and segment your SMS messages, then quickly and easily see how they perform.

SMS: Out of the Box Features

  • Segmentation Send SMS messages to all your customers, or a select subset.
  • Personalization Easily create templates for 1:1 personalization.
  • Mobile Wallet Integration Deliver mobile wallet passes through SMS. >>
  • Analytics See how SMS performs on its own and in comparison to other channels.
  • API Send real-time, server-server messages.
  • Easy Upload Upload numbers in bulk via CSV.

Text Marketing Is A Powerful Communications Channel

Every mobile phone in the world can send and receive text messages — and engagement is still very high.

  • 90 percent Of Text Messages Are Read Within 3 Minutes more
  • 98 percent Open Rate for SMS Texts more
  • 75 percent Of Millennials Prefer SMS for Promos & Surveys more

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Whether text marketing is new to you, or you’re already an advanced user, we’re ready to help you make your strategy more powerful, integrated and orchestrated.

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