Web Push Notifications: Your Next Growth & Engagement Channel

Send web push notifications to desktop and mobile web with Urban Airship’s Web Notify.

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Engage Customers With Web Notifications

Web push notifications help you deliver relevant, personalized, in-the-moment messaging wherever your users are.

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Web Notifications: A New Tool in Your Omnichannel Marketing Mix

  • Increase User Engagement Prompt in-the-moment action where the majority of eCommerce happens: the browser.
  • Get New Audience Insights The more you know, the better you can connect — across all channels.
  • Go Omnichannel Deliver personalized, consistent messaging across all your channels.

Web Push Notifications Features & Functions

Many of the same rules of engagement, features and functions from push notifications sent from your mobile app apply to web push notifications as well.

  • Deep Linking Deep Linking Send to any URL to improve UX, increase conversions.
  • Segmentation Segmentation Personalize for better results.
  • Automated, Real-Time Alerts Automated, Real-Time Alerts Set triggers for programmatic, real-time notifications.

  • Analytics A/B/N Testing Optimize your web notifications.
  • Analytics Analytics See what’s working.

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