Customer Churn Prediction at Your Fingertips

Use the power of machine learning to stop churn before it happens with our Predictive Churn Solution.

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See Churn Risk At-A-Glance

Quickly and easily see which users are at risk for churn — in real time.

Create & Automate Risk-Based Engagement & Messaging

Engage app users based on churn risk — or send automated messages when users move from one risk level to another.

Customer Churn Risk Profile Infographic

How Push Notifications Can Impact Churn & Retention

More than 50% of new users churn within 90 days of their first app open. See how push notifications can change the story.

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Use Predictive Churn Analytics To Grow Your Business

Get the data you need to stop churn and drive retention.

  • Protect user Acquisition Spend Protect User Acquisition Spend Increase mobile app retention rates.
  • Digital Marketing Lookalike Campaign Solution Boost Lookalike Campaign Results Find more users like the ones in your Low Churn Risk segment.
  • Effective Notifications Send More Effective Messages Align marketing and messaging strategy with risk segments.
  • Predictive Churn Solution Leverage Machine Learning Learn more faster; fine tune your strategy in real time

Create More Powerful Reporting & Insights

Use Predictive Churn Analytics across your customer data reporting to predict and influence user behavior.

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Predictive Churn Solution Machine Learning Urban Airship Blog Post

Learn How Our Predictive Churn Solution Was Made

Inactivity alone is not a good predictor of churn. That’s why our machine learning model takes many factors into consideration. Get the inside scoop on how we built the solution.

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Use Predictive Churn Analytics in Real Time on Any Channel

See how our real-time marketing API, Connect, makes it easy to put your data to work for you.

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